You should’ve been there,
Should’ve burst through the door,
With that ‘baby I’m right here’ smile,
And it would’ve felt like,
A million little shining stars had just aligned,
And I would’ve been so happy.

The moment i knew 

-Taylor Swift- 

I think who you are is how you treat other people. Your identity and your legacy is how you make other people feel about themselves. It’s the way you’ll be remembered, negatively or positively, so be nice to people. I think one thing that I’ve learned recently (…) and I hope you realize this too, is not our job to make anyone like us if they don’t want to. And once you allow yourself to kind of take that pressure of yourself, I think that’s when we start to figure out who we are. And I think that’s when we start to figure out what our identities really gonna be.

Taylor Swift - Mean Speech live at Nashille (via taylor-swift-acoustic-live)

Don’t forget about this ;) this is an extremely important lesson to learn.

(via taylor-swift-acoustic-live)